Sunday, 22 August 2010

Recap and a Recipe

I can't believe it's a week since the Baby Shower - I think it's taken me about that long to get over it ;o). Emily and I have had a fairly quiet week, we've been in to town a few times, met up with friends and also had a chance to stay at home and read our books.
On Friday, Claire had an appointment at The Princess Royal at 9am and they warned that they are doing some building work so to leave plenty of time to find parking etc. We left home at 8am, got to the hospital by 8.30am and found parking without any problem. We didn't see any building work in progress either so I don't know what that was about. Long story short, Claire needed to have some blood tests done that have to be sent down to Brighton (not anything serious) but they didn't have anyone that could do that on Friday so we're going back again tomorrow morning. At least we didn't have to hang around too long and we shouldn't have to tomorrow either. We did a little bit of shopping on the way home and Claire had time to have lunch before going in to work for 1pm.
I had bought the ingredients to make a Key Lime Pie for last week but couldn't find Claire's recipe book with the recipe in and couldn't ask her for it otherwise she'd have known something was going on. Yesterday, however, Craig got the book out of the loft for me and I was able to use the ingredients before I had to throw them out ;o) This recipe from Mary Berry's Foolproof Cakes is one of the nicest I've tasted and in case any of you feel like trying it out, here it is:

Key Lime Pie

4 large


400g (14oz) tin

Condensed Milk

450ml (15 fl oz)

Double Cream

For the Base

150g (5oz)

Digestive Biscuits

65g (2 ½ oz)


25g (1 oz)

Demerara Sugar

· For the base, put the digestive biscuits into a polythene bag and crush them to crumbs with a rolling pin. (Or put in a food processor and pulse till like breadcrumbs)

· Melt the butter in a small pan, and add to crushed biscuits and the Demerara sugar. Mix well, and then spread the mixture over the base and sides of a 20cm (8 in) loose bottomed sandwich tin, pressing it with the back of a metal spoon to make it firm.

· Remove the rind from 1 of the limes with a zester and set aside to decorate the top of the pie. Squeeze the juice from all the limes

· Put the lime juice, condensed milk and 300 ml (10 fl oz) of the double cream into a mixing bowl and whish until well blended.

· Pour into the prepared crumb crust and gently level the surface. Chill for several hours until set, push up the tin from the base to remove the ring.

To decorate, whip the remaining double cream until it just holds its shape, then either spread over the surface of the pie or spoon it in blobs around the edge. Decorate with the reserved lime zest. Serve well chilled.
I also made some Chocolate Brownies (recipe here) which turned out beautifully (even if I say so myself ;o) ) I took a slice of each to the lady I help on the weekends.
I hope you're having a great weekend too.
PS Apologies for the way the recipe has posted, I don't seem to be able to get it to look the way I wanted in Blogger :(


  1. Thanks for the yummy sounding recipe, Rhona. My husband loves key lime pie and I have never made one myself but this sounds very do-able! xo

  2. "Foolproof" - now that's the kind of recipe I like! It does look delicious.

    Best of luck with those blood tests.

  3. I'm not a fan of key lime pie, but it looks great. Brownies, on the other hand, are a favorite!

  4. I'm looking away from that recipe ... my blog friends will soon be held accountable for my expanding waistline!